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Wu Qin Xi 


Wu Qin Xi (Frolics of Five Animals) was developed by Hua Tuo the most famous doctor in the Eastern Han Dinasty (25-220 A.D.). It imitates the actions of animals based on the habits of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird, and combines Tu Na (the art of expiration and inspiration) and Dao Yin (The movements of limbs in Qigong) with the theories of Viscera, Channels and Collaterals, Qi and Blood in Tradinational Chinese Medicine. 


Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi embodies the essences of the traditional Wu Qin Xi, and combines the designed actions with the Aesthetics of the body and Modern Athletic Science. It presents the scientific concept and the character of the modern time sufficiently, and accords with the traditional principles of regulating the body, breath and mind in Qigong. As a result, it fits the needs of people to promote their health. 



The movements of Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi are not restricted in the imitation of the behaviors of the animals, but try to present the spirit of the "five animals". It simulates the power of the tiger, the ease and comfort of the deer, the steadiness and calmness of the bear, the dexterity of the monkey, and the agility of the bird. The movements are gentle and unfold, harmonious and symmetrical, and its extent of physical exercise is suitable for most people. 



The result of the scientific study shows thar Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi exerts an active influence on the people's physiological functions, physical nature and state of mind. Moreover, after a period of practice, the functions of cardiovascular and respiratory system are enhanced; agility of the joints improved; and the vigor and grip power strengthened; psychological condition and self-confidence are build up.